My New Online Comedy Club!

Hey guys,

Hope you are all well.

So, the title is pretty self explanatory… I have a new online comedy club! Yep… online! We’re gonna party like it’s the 2020 pandemic all over again!

It’s called In Your House Comedy, coming to you this Sunday 25th February at 8pm.

Why online? How does it differ to a regular comedy club? I hear you ask..

Well, first the why. I’m at an age now where many of my friends are starting families and have young children, so having a night out is not as straightforward as it may have been before. So instead, my comedy club brings the jokes to you, in the comfort of your own home. Plus, who doesn’t like being at home in comfortable surroundings rather than being out with strangers! And also, when I did the zoom gigs during the pandemic, I loved the idea of finishing a gig and not having to travel to get home, cos I was already there!

And how does it differ to a regular comedy club? Well, nothing. There’s the same format; MC and comedians telling jokes. The only difference is the fact that you’re at home! You can chill with your snacks and drinks and just sit back and enjoy the show. And with it being on zoom you only need one ticket for the household as opposed to an individual ticket for every single person.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your ticket for the opening night of In Your House Comedy here

Hope you enjoy the show and this becomes a regular night of your lives.



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