Let A Playa Play!

So in the last few days Wayne Rooney has taken so much stick from the English media and fans that even Sepp Blatter would go “Bloody hell! I thought they hated me!”

In the build-up to the start of the World Cup many were questioning his place in the starting XI; calling for him to be dropped, even the not-so-silent-anymore Paul Scholes questioning whether we had already seen the best years of Rooney. The doubting intensified even more after the Italy defeat where Wayne, out on the left hand side, looked more confused than Jay Z stepping out of a lift with his sister-in-law.

In my opinion, that criticism is harsh and undeserved. Ok, Rooney may not be in the greatest of form at the moment – although let’s be honest if it weren’t for Rooney last season David Moyes probably would’ve been sacked at Christmas (cos Van Persie weren’t doing anything special!) – but he was playing ON THE LEFT against Italy… when Wayne Rooney is a STRIKER!!!

If you put me in a rap battle, I’m gonna be shit. You know why? Cos I’m not in my usual role. Just how Wayne Rooney, a STRIKER was not in his usual role out ON THE LEFT. You can’t criticise a player who’s not playing his position. And to be fair to Wayne he still sent in a perfect cross for Sturridge’s goal. There are plenty of so-called out-and-out specialised wingers who couldn’t deliver a perfect ball into the box if their lives depended on it… No names mentioned (cough, cough… Stewart Downing… Nani… Aaron Lennon… cough, cough).

As far as I see it, you either play Rooney centrally, or don’t play him at all. But don’t leave him out to dry on the left where the English media (who love to build a young player up only to knock him down years later… Can you say “Michael Owen”?) will tear him apart. If Rooney is guilty of anything it’s been too sacrificial and not selfish enough. Leave the man alone and let the player play!

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