What Now Sturridge?

So last week there was lots of gossip on Twitter (which means it’s definitely true right? I mean Twitter and Wikipedia are the most reliable sources on the web) that Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge was going to retire, at the tender age of 26.

Obviously I don’t believe it, and I wish Sturridge a speedy recovery from this injury nightmare that’s been so bad even Darren Anderton and Owen Hargreaves would go “Dyam!!!” On his day, a fit Daniel Sturridge I believe is the best No.9 Roy Hodgson has at his disposal – yep, that’s right I said it. Better than Kane, Rooney, Vardy. Even better than the greatest England No.9 in football history… Michael Ricketts.

But I was thinking, what IF Sturridge were to retire? Then what? What would he do? What would be his next career move? I’ve come up with a few ideas…

  1. Sturridge becomes a judge on Strictly Come Dancing.
  2. Sturridge releases a series of Keep Fit videos… Can you imagine, “How To Keep Fit with Daniel Sturridge”? The irony!
  3. He’s brought back out of retirement… By Manchester United!
  4. He becomes the face of the Children’s books Where’s Wally?, which are appropriately renamed ‘Where’s Danny?’
  5. Sturridge decides he wants to pursue acting… His first role is a part on Casualty.

Any other suggestions?

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