The Rooney Dilemma

I missed the game versus Slovakia on Sunday, although from what I hear it sounds like I didn’t miss much. But what I did hear from the game is that Wayne Rooney was playing deep in midfield, and then the next day I saw a quote from Sam Allardyce saying it’s not for him to tell Rooney where to play…

Really? Really Sam? It’s not your place to tell Rooney where to play? As the manager, I think it bloody is mate!

And this brings me on to my main gripe, as I feel like we’re going around and around in a constant never-ending loop when it comes to Rooney, regardless of the manager.

I’m not knocking Rooney. I think he’s a great player and when his career is done people will look back and think of him as a class player BUT he shouldn’t be shoehorned into the side, which at the moment is how it feels. It feels like the manager, be it Hodgson or now Allardyce, are scared to drop him if they can’t find a place in the team for him.

I’m not saying Wayne should be dropped. But if you play him, play him where he’s playing for his club, where’s he’s been so effective for over a decade, where he can do most damage to the opposition, as a number 10. If he doesn’t fit in there, then drop him. Don’t put him in a deeper midfield role where you’ve got players who are in much better form there like Danny Drinkwater and Delle Alli sitting on the bench.

Why is the manager so scared to drop him if need be? What do they think will happen? Do you know what happened the last time an England side played without Wayne Rooney? They came from 2-0 down to beat Germany on their own patch! We’ve got the players to form a very good team. But at the moment it seems like one player is prioritised over the team.


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