My Mock The Week Experience

So I’m sitting in my ‘designated’ seat at the BBC Television studios in White City, the same studio that I’ve walked past many a time in my day being a West London boy, and always thought to myself ‘one day.’

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  1. Bryan says:

    Lovely blog Nathan! I recall you telling me in Edinburgh about your upcoming MTW appearance and how you were crapping yourself…

    Glad to see you did really well and got some top feedback on Twitter on the night…..1st of many I hope!


  2. Fi says:

    Awesome read, I love stuff that gives little insights onto TV shows.

    You were brilliant as well, Nathan! I hope you return to MTW soon.

  3. Annabelle says:

    I just watched that MTW and thought you were really funny! Enough for me to google you to get yor other work! 🙂 The blog is great! Little personal insights into feelings and thoughts are really relatable, I like you dont think you are to specieal to give something back to the audience like so many other famous people. Good one on a fab mtw performance! 😀

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