The Fine Line Between Ignorance And Racism

2011 should have been a memorable year in football for positive reasons. It

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  1. Allan says:

    Saw you last night in Stortford, funny. Re racism and ignorant or racist. I am 50+ used to live in Brimsdown and a black family moved next door. Dad was Ghanian mother was from West Indies, two kids, both of which were good friends. My Dad I would define as a racist as the family moving next door was his driver for moving Stortford way. End result I was exposed to alternative cultures from a young age. I work in London so still work with a cultural mix of people. Re the ignornant or racist, I don’t think ignorance can be used as an excuse, sorry they’re racist. A good example is when you see someone with racist tendancies but they know a particular individual whether they are black, asian or whatever and say ah but they are ok, because they know them. Yes because they are ignorant of anyone they dont know and then generalise. So sorry igonorance is now excuse.

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