Straight Outta Middlesex Tour 2016

Yes, yes, yes… What’s happening people?

I hope your 2016 has started well. I hope the rest of the year goes well too. Especially the end, because as the title says, I’m touring my solo show Straight Outta Middlesex in the winter and tickets are on sale already (Yep, plenty of notice, so no excuses yea?!)

I’m working on lots of new material now, so come October/November I’ll hope to have a stellar show to keep you entertained.

The dates for the tour are:

Oct 8th: Banbury

Oct 13th: Birmingham

Oct 14th: Nottingham

Nov 9th: Salford

Nov 10th: Cardiff

Nov 12th: Portsmouth

Nov 17th: Wolverhampton

Nov 18th: Pontardawe

Nov 19th: Cambridge

Nov 25th: Bristol

Nov 26th: Bridport

Hope to see you guys on the tour. Until then, take care guys.


3 Responses

  1. Jenny says:

    Hey Nathan

    Are you doing any London or Surrey dates of the tour?



  2. Pax says:

    Yea dude, why no London love?!

    Would love to see you live again (was there for Russell Howard spot)

    Peace & love dude


  3. Dapps says:

    No London dates Nate ? Or ‘urban’ areas near Luton lol 😂 banter banter

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