Slippin’ Standards

Hey! What’s good people? You well? …Me? I’m fine (Thanks for asking). I’ve been gigging, writing, gigging, writing (with the occasional Nando’s thrown in)… so yea I’ve been cool. However, there is one thing that got me agitated recently…

Ok, so I’ve just got back to my hotel room after entertaining a bunch of drunk and rowdy strangers. I’m feeling more knackered than Will and Kate the morning after the big night (if ya get me!), all I wanna do is sit down, chill out and watch a bit of TV before I sleep.

But then I flick through the various channels and it hits me… There’s literally jack-sh*t to watch on TV! It wasn’t like it was really late into the night, it was still about half 10, but there was nothing on! No good movies, no good sitcoms etc… Nothing!

It’s weird. We live in an age where there’s more TV channels than ever before but less good programmes, which raises my point; how bad have our entertainment standards slipped in the last 15-20 years? We’ve gone from Only Fools & Horses to Only Way Is Essex, which by the way is an awful programme! You’ve got a bunch of artificial girls, a bunch of greasy guys, a grandma who looks like the ghost of sl*ppers-past and a skinny dude who just goes ‘Oh shut up’ which is ironic as it’s the one thing you want the entire cast to do.

Seriously commissioners, if you’re stuck for new entertainment, come and check out the live comedy circuit. There’s plenty of us guys who bust our

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