Is Positive Discrimination REALLY Positive?

The reason why I’m bringing up the topic of positive discrimination in this football blog is because this week we have seen two black managers lose their jobs in Chris Powell (Huddersfield) and Chris Ramsey (QPR) – 1-nil, to the super bees! 1-nil, to the super bees!… Sorry, reflex action.

But with Powell and Ramsey being relieved of their duties it has got many people in the world of football talking about the Rooney Rule. If you’re not aware of the Rooney Rule it’s not about Wayne, where you have to shag a prostitute and have a hair transplant… This Rooney Rule derives from our friends across the Atlantic. Basically, it’s a rule to help ethnic minorities get into the game where owners of football HAVE to interview at least one BAME person when looking for a new manager.

Now, here’s my opinion. If I’m wrong then let me know, but how I feel is, as much as I’d like to see more ethnic minority managers to represent the multicultural society we live in, why does there have to be a rule??? Why do they HAVE to interview an ethnic minority? Why can’t these football owners just have the common sense to interview the best candidates regardless of the colour of their skin? If they don’t have that common sense then why are they running football clubs?

I mean, this is football for crying out loud! It’s a sport that sees no colour, apart from the green grass (and the yellow and red cards if you’re someone like Lee Cattermole!). Why have we got to a point where skin colour is so important? As a football fan I don’t give a crap about the manager’s skin colour, I just want to see my team win! If I had a choice of two options; Brentford having a successful white manager and getting promoted to the Premier League or Brentford having a mediocre black manager and staying in the Championship, then call me a coconut and a sell-out cos I’m going with the white guy. Not because he’s white, but because my team are winning!

As I said, I’m all for more cultural diversity among football managers, but I don’t think any club should have an ethnic manager just to tick a box. They should have an ethnic manager because he’s genuinely the right man for the job. I’m just sceptical that this form of positive discrimination will do the former rather than the latter.


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