My Russell Howard’s Good News Experience

Date: Tuesday 6th November. Time: Approximately 9.30pm Location: West London (my ‘manor’!).

There I stand off-stage in a state of analysis and adrenalin after performing on the Russell Howard’s Good News TV show, nervously hoping that the set I have just delivered is good enough. Some of the guys who work on the show are nearby. They’re smiling, saying well done, giving me some confidence that the last 2o minutes have been a good one, but being the over-analytical person that I am I can’t help but think that they’re just saying well done to 1. keep me happy and 2. to get me to move away as I’m covered in stinking sweat; a result of the bright studio lights and my three layers of clothing. Not the smartest wardrobe choice I’ll ever make in my life! So yes, to say I was nervous as I stepped off stage would be an understatement. But then again, I’ve been nervous all day…


…It all started at lunch time when the car picks me up from my home to take me to the studio (Yea I know… a car! No Oyster card shit!). I already know what set I’m going to do as one of the producers has already been to a few of my gigs to check my material. But despite this, I’m going over the material over and over again in the car. It’s almost as if my brain is going “Ay Nath, you sure about this? I mean doing them jokes at comedy clubs is ok? But you wanna be doing that on TV?!?! You crazy?”


I get to the studio and am kindly shown to my dressing room and then to do sound check. As I enter the recording studio for the first time I remember thinking that it is a lot bigger than how it looks on the TV. On telly the set looks quite small and intimate but in the flesh it’s huge, daunting even, as I realise the audience capacity is even bigger, hence more people to make laugh, or even worse, more people to disappoint. Great! More nerves kick in. My brain goes “shiiiiiiiit!”


After the sound check I’ve got a few hours to kill before the recording so head to back to my dressing room to chill and try and not to get too nervous. I decide to take my mind off the recording later and luckily I’ve got my laptop to help me do that… It can only mean one thing… Porn! No, not really! I’ve brought along a DVD (not porn!); the London 2012 Olympics DVD that I’ve recently got for my birthday, and being a massive sports fan, if there’s one thing that can relax me it’s this. However

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  1. sasha says:

    Saw you on Russell Howard and have now booked to see you on the 3rd of Jan – Can’t wait !

  2. Cee Pontes says:

    Well well, I think u did great and even thou you were sweating, you still were great, I loved every minute of it, u made me laugh so much, I ran around the house turning all the tellies to bbc3 lol swear down you are a real comedian, and I def would love to see more of u x lol

  3. Hilary says:

    Well you won me over and that’s not easy..fresh, funny and cute, result!

  4. Molly says:

    Are you coming to Belfast anytime soon?! Pretty please, you’re acc hilarious!!! Funniest guest I’ve seen on Russell Howard tbh x

  5. Dasugo says:

    Just saw you on Youtube. It was the Russell Howard bit. Nicely done. You were hilarious and you didn’t seem nervous.

    Went off and watched your ITV bit as well. You are very good.

    I had to google what Cilit was since I am in the US. aLL THE BEST MAN.

  6. Michael says:

    Hi Nathan,

    Thank you for this lucid description of your experience on the show, very interesting. I could tell you we’re a bit nervous for the first 10 seconds, who wouldn’t be though! Then you really warmed up, the monologue about your brother describing the incident with the boy at school was hilarious. You are very talented and clearly intelligent.

    If I wanted to book you for a corporate gig how would I do so?


  7. Jenny Morris says:


    Your were awesome on Russell Howard and when I first saw you on there myself and my partner thought you were awesome! So funny. Seen more of your stuff on youtube too. All the best in the future look forward to seeing one of your gigs!

  8. elliot says:

    You’ve got a great way man, keep up the analytics, just saw you on mock the week, better than most of ’em…

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