My England Euro 2012 Squad

In just a few hours Roy (Or ‘Woy’ according to so many tabloids) Hodgson announces his 23-man squad for the european championships in Poland and Ukraine.


As an avid England fan I thought I’d put myself in Roy’s shoes, sitting there in an office at the FA headquarters, staring at picture of Harry Redknapp thinking ‘In your face biaaaatch!’

3 Responses

  1. Lee says:

    Are you high Nath?!

  2. ben says:

    i agree, time to move away from the ‘golden generation’ and i agree with most of the players, i would give scott carson a chance, i know he plays in turkey but i think he is a pretty goo understudy to hart, i would also take jagielka instead of lescott and would be tempted to take liverpools martin kelly instead of johnson it walker is ingured

  3. Szsvd says:

    Well done lovely team

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