Have You Heard Of These Things They Call ‘Holidays’?

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I’m a workaholic. I pride myself on being a hard worker. It’s something that has been drilled into me from an early age by my family who themselves are extremely hard workers, and taught me that hard work pays off.

One of my favourite quotes is “I’m a firm believer in good luck. And it seems the harder I work, the luckier I get.” My ethos is, I wanna be the best comedian I can be, and so that means hard work, which means constant gigging… Up and down the country, night after night… Non-stop!

Since I started performing comedy at the age of 19 I haven’t had proper time off… I mean, I have been away abroad but it’s always been for work purposes to gig… Until this summer when I spent 10 days away in the sunshine. 10 whole days away with no gig. Proper time off. I believe they call it ‘holidays’… Blew. My. Mind.

For example, did you know that on these ‘holidays’ you can just lounge around and do nothing? I mean literally nothing! No work. No emails. NOTHING! How is this possible? Is this really allowed?

I was sat by the hotel pool one Saturday night, when I habitually checked the time on my watch as if I had a gig to go to. It was like I was expecting someone from the hotel to randomly shout out “Please welcome your next act… Nathan Caton!” But no, there was no announcement. I wasn’t needed. There was no stage for me to hit and no audience needing laughs. Everyone was just chilling on the sun loungers with a drink or taking a dip in the pool. It was insane. No work was being done. I repeat, how is this possible?!?

Is this what is normally done on holidays? People relaxing? Not doing anything productive? Not having a care in the world? I’m not going to lie, I did kinda enjoy it, but it did come with the feeling of guilt as well; years and years of always gigging on a Saturday night and now I’m here with a rum punch and showing the other hotel stayers that black guys CAN swim. Have I stepped into some sort of twilight zone??? Apparently this is the normal protocol for a holi-whatcha-ma-callit…

Is this true guys? Is this what a holiday is all about? Cos it seems a bit too good to be true.


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