Have You Tried Listening?

We live in a time where people are so easy to be offended, and a lot of the time it’s for the most innocuous and ridiculous thing…

“You can’t say that!… That’s offensive… That’s racist… No I’m not black, but my next door neighbour is and I feel offended on their behalf… No, my next door neighbour is not here, but if he were…”

Mate, shut up! I’m not saying that we should all go around shouting out negative terms, but all I’m asking is to have some common sense and use your brain. As people get more easily offended by the most ridiculous of things I’m getting more offended by the stupity of some people!

Prime example being last week at a gig. I’m on stage doing my set and I start doing a routine where I mention Polish people. Not in a derogatory or discriminating manner. There was no “Brexit means Brexit” or “Go back home” vibe to it. Nothing of the sort. (I won’t give the routine away. You can just come to one of my shows to see it – Check out my gig list. PLUG!). But as soon as I say the word Polish an audience member decides to heckle with an audible “Oi!” I stop and see what has caused this rude interruption and come to find out they are offended by me, a non-Polish person referring to Polish people. As I said, I was not being discriminating or xenophobic. In fact, if this person had opened their ears and taken in the whole joke they would’ve have gathered that the joke was in fact complimentary. But no, like in many cases I’ve come across doing comedy, people hear a buzz word which triggers off their PC alarm and into a state of feeling offended.

Firstly, if you are a person who is so sensitive and so easily offended, why attend comedy, an artform where we have the creative licence to push boundaries? And secondly and most importantly, listen to the whole joke and its context, not just one word. That’s all I ask. But, if you do decide that you are offended and need to disturb the comedian and heckle, make sure the heckle is a good one, otherwise you will be torn apart, possibly with comments that ARE offensive!


Much love.



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  1. Margaret says:

    Very well said. Similar things happening here in australia.

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