‘Goal’ Is The Only G-word That Matters!

I’m writing this piece as I came across a story today that truly left me in disbelief…


Robbie Rogers, formerly of Leeds United and Stevenage became only the third professional football player to reveal that he is gay. Only the THIRD! ‘Third’ as in only two other people before him. ‘Third’ as in what Arsenal consider a terrific Premier League season. ‘Third’ as in where Dwain Chambers used to finish in his races despite being on drugs. Just the THIRD!


Rogers has now retired from football, at only 25 to find himself, and I wish him all the best. Upon retiring he said that he feared he would be “judged and rejected” and this is what blew my mind (no sexual pun intended!); the fact that homosexuality in football is still such a taboo subject. We’re in 2013 for crying out loud! We live in an era where gay people can marry and

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