First Days Back In Edinburgh

I was actually meant to write this a couple of days ago, but there was no wifi in this flat (eyes rolling)!

So here I am again, back

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  1. lesley says:

    Yo Bro,
    I used to live in London and I relished the great array of foods that could be purchased there, including afro/carribean foods.

    My african friend from Ivory Coast introduced me to a dish called icheki (not sure of spelling) but its a cassava ground down andis looooovely.
    I missed it sorely when moving back to Scotland.
    I however found that there is an african supply store in Gorgie Road!!!!
    Not sure if he does hardo bread, but he does, proper sweet potato, yam, plantain, gungo peas snapper ect ect. he used to live in London. So get your self down Gorgie for your supplies. Sorry can’t tell you exactly the address but its close to wardlaw st I think..

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