Edinburgh 2015 Memorable Moments

So the Edinburgh festival is done for another year. As happy as I am to be back home in sunny Greenford, it was a pleasure to be part of the exciting buzz that is the fringe in Scotland’s capital. So I’ve picked out my most memorable moments from the month…

1. The shock that in Scotland you now have to pay 5p for EVERY bag!!! Yes, EVERY bag! Like even McDonald’s charge you for a bag! Then as soon as you come out of the shop there’s a beggar asking if you have any spare change… “Please! You best move out of my face before I suffocate you with this 5p bag!”

2. A woman in the audience of one of my shows explaining the play that her son was in. She told us (me and the rest of the audience) that the play was about the horrible things men do to end up in hell and the horrific reasons why men do evil things and the consequences as a result. When she explained this the whole crowd went silence in astonishment, and then a male voice from the back just went “So it’s a comedy then?” ….Hahahaha… I never found out who that person was, but well done sir.

3. Being recognised while working out in the gym and the person in question’s opening line was “I recognise that ugly face anywhere!” …. Cheers mate. Always good to receive compliments from fans.

4. Climbing Arthur’s Seat on the hottest summer of the month while wearing a black jumper with a black jacket on top. What the hell was I thinking?!!! I was sweating bucketloads! Note to self, check the weather before leaving home.

5. A dude in the audience calling me sad for still living at home, only to then find out that he’s older than me and lives in his mum’s garage… Really? And you’re calling me sad? Ok…

6. Watching my mate Tony Jameson’s show Football Manager Ruined My Life and feeling like I was part of a nerdy club as all of the people in the audience were fellow-gamers who like myself have clearly spent too much time on Football Manager. Great show. If you get an opportunity to check out Tony’s show, DO IT!!!

7. Speaking of videogames, I get really competitive when playing and this was clearly evident when I had to play Street Fighter against a member of the audience in Jim Smallman’s show Gamer Gamer. After embarrassing myself playing various games earlier (I still don’t know what happened) I had to play a woman who said she rates herself 0/10 when it comes to playing. I was NOT prepared to lose to her. Ended up getting booed by the audience when I won. Felt like Vince McMahon in the WWE… and I loved it! #ImTheVillain

8. My brother and I were in a taxi when all of a sudden he told us to get out as the taxi was breaking down. The driver, just before driving away, told us that he’d get another driver to come and collect us. So my brother and I just waited there… and waited… and waited… We ended up walking! If he didn’t wanna take us just say so.

9. Being in a nightclub and thinking “I’m too old for this shit!” When did nightclubs get so loud and overly sexual??? Seriously, some of the dudes in there… Just leave the women alone!

10. Watching a street performer who was a dancer, jigging away to Michael Jackson’s Black Or White and then running up to me when he spotted me (the only black face in the watching crowd) and embracing me like I was the first black guy he had seen in loooooooong time!

All in all, it was a great time as always. Thanks Edinburgh. Maybe see you next year?

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