Back To Life, Back To Reality

Well hello guys. It’s been a while I know… I haven’t posted any news on here in recent months, because… well, life, innit.

For those of you who follow me on social media – if you don’t, I’m not offended (I totally am!), you would know the big news that’s happened in my life over the last year… I’m a married man! Yep, that’s right ladies, AND gentlemen – I don’t discriminate. Attention is attention. I am now off the market – makes me sound like a piece of meat. But as I said, attention is attention.

The wedding and all the preparations took over my life for a good while. I was still gigging, but when I weren’t on a stage in a club I was on the phone to wedding suppliers or online trying to find the cheapest deal for some wedding item. Stressful yes, but don’t worry, it’ll all come out on stage. It was either therapy or turn all the wedding events into comedy material. I chose the latter.

My wife and I enjoyed a honeymoon in the Caribbean for a month, which for me was great but bloody weird; going a whole month without gigging. That’s unheard of! By the middle of the trip I was doing my set to my wife just to stay sane!

The Caribbean was amazing and to be honest as much as I love stand-up I would’ve happy stayed there for longer. But all good things must come to an end and so here I am, back in the UK and back in the comedy clubs, where you can catch me ranting about all the stresses (and financial costs) of getting married.

Check out my live dates and come see me at a gig sometime.



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