2010/2011 Teams Of The Year

Teams Of The Year 2010/11

As it’s virtually the end of the season, Champions League final aside, I thought I’d put together my teams of the year. See what you think. Agree or disagree???

Premier League Team Of The Year:

Van Der Sar (Man Utd): Could be 70 years old in a wheelchair and still be a top keeper!

Neville (Everton): The only Neville who

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  1. Harpal Sagoo says:

    Nathan i must say i agree with alot of your choices, however surely jay spearing should be the breakthrough team??? i do agree he is a ugly scouse who looks like a pitbull but had a serious end to the year.

    are you allowed players in your breakthrough team who have been playing for about 4 years in the premier league but finally found some footballing skills, if so how about lucas?? guess which team i support!!!

    i agree with the flops, could you add roy hodgson as their manager please?

    in regards to your team of the year, well having witnessed my first brentford game this year, i have to say i was disapointed with their performance in the St Johnstones Paint trophy, but hey whatever floats your boat bruv!!!

    take it easy

  2. jamie says:

    I support brentford! I live in Isleworth and went to the johnstones trophy final!

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